Everybody Needs Somebody

Look around you. Chances are, you didn’t get to where you are today all by yourself. At some point in your life, someone was more than likely in your corner, cheering you on and giving you an opportunity to flourish. Perhaps it was a parent; perhaps it was a teacher, tutor or a mentor; or […]

The Power of a Burger

We all have people in our lives who inspire us. My friend, Ed, was that person for me. I guess it was because we shared something in common. Both of us had a spinal cord injury in our late teens and have lived most of our lives as a paraplegic. Sadly, Ed passed away last […]

Once Upon a Time….

I love to watch movies and TV shows about real people. I love to hear their stories and how they triumphed over tragedy, or how they completed a very difficult mission, or how they invented something that contributed to the good of society. Entertainment is never better than when it shows the resilience, determination, and […]

How Does Faith Grow?

Call me a geek, but I find human development theories very interesting. As much as we like to think of ourselves in terms of our individuality, science indicates that we all follow similar patterns of growth and development. And as much as we’d like to separate faith from science, the truth is that God is […]