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Book Review for Wives of the Warriors

WOW!!!  Nothing like unsolicited love!! Thank you, Sherry, for such a glowing review of my Bible study, Wives of the Warriors.  I’m so glad that God has spoken to you so clearly and encouraged you through it.  I pray your review encourages others to take this study as well.  God continues to amaze me at […]

My Father’s Tools

My Father’s Tools

In the prime of his life, my dad was a carpenter and a woodworker. My childhood memories are filled with the buzzing of ban saws, lathes, planers and drills.  The smell of sawdust and freshly applied finishes often brought a sense of comfort to me. Dad was out in the garage creating, shaping and molding […]

More Chocolate Covered Friendship

I love this book, Chocolate Covered Friendship by Bethany Thouin and Angela Fox. Yummy pictures of delectable chocolate truffles.  Lots of new information about my favorite treat. “Venezuelan chocolate is very earthy with a woody kind of taste that makes it the best chocolate to pair with fruit.  Chocolate from Madagascar has a fruity flavor […]

Chocolate Covered Friendship

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Angela Fox last week at a Christian Writer’s Conference.  Angela is the co-author of a gift book titled, Chocolate Covered Friendship. She, along with artisan chocolatier Bethany Thouin, have combined two of our favorite things, girlfriends and chocolate! Published by Thomas Nelson and available at, here is […]