The Gift and the Giver

I never thought I would be so emotional as I witnessed my conversion van being towed out of our driveway onto it’s way to be donated to the Goodwill. For the past ten years, this van gave me a new level of independence. No longer did I need to transfer into the driver’s seat of a car, take my wheelchair apart, and put it into the passenger side, piece by piece. Nor did I have to assemble it every time I wanted to get out of the car. In addition, the ease of rolling onto a ramp and into the van protected my shoulders from any further abuse.

Like most of us who own cars for extended periods of time, we cover a lot of miles. And I don’t just mean road miles. This van took my mom to her Chemo treatments. It took me to numerous women’s conferences, all loaded up with electronic equipment, books, speaking notes and handouts. It transferred other people who also needed to use wheelchairs for mobility. And it took me endlessly around town, simply so I could conveniently run my errands. This van met such a need in my life, I always considered it a gift.

But as I watched it being towed away, I realized it was not the van for which I was thankful, it was the One who met my need and provided it for me. The gift was gone, but the Giver would remain in my life forever! God is the giver of all good things; He supplies our every need. To simply focus on that which He gives us is missing the point. It’s not the gifts that deserves our attention, it’s the Giver.

May you be blessed today, with more than you ever imagined or asked for. And as we all receive the gifts He generously bestows upon us, may we be ever mindful of the One from whose hand they come.

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