Details Matter


reflectionMy husband and I are spending the month of January in a beautiful part of FL. What I like most about this residential area are the concrete bike trails. The relatively flat, hard solid surface is perfect for pushing my wheelchair. Every day, weather permitting, I go for a long push. I love being out in the fresh air and getting my heart pumping a little faster than usual. The trail winds its way through tree covered sections that lead to the different neighborhoods in the community. I pass by ponds where I see the reflection of trees surrounding it; fountains shooting up water in pretty patterns; and benches in scenic areas, inviting people to come and sit a spell.

As I began pushing along the trails, I immediately became aware of subtle details that are not obvious while driving past these area in a car. For one, the trails are not as flat as they appear. There are areas where the concrete slants to one side. In other places, the concrete has been shaved down to compensate for protruding tree roots. The sections that are both slanted and covered with pine straw cause me to think I could easily slide right off of it into the pond it circles. I discovered a well hidden wooden walkway leading to a nature walk, and another wooden bridge that connects a housing area to the common sidewalk. As I push around the various neighborhoods, details that differentiates one neighborhood from another become evident.

This reminds me that God pays attention to the details of our lives. He knows when the concrete is slanted and becomes harder to push on. He knows when the path is smooth and straight, shaded by a canopy of trees. He created our uniqueness that differentiates us from every other person on the planet. Suddenly, I find myself asking, “Do I see Him as clearly as He sees me? Do I notice Him in the details of my daily life as readily as I notice the cracks in the sidewalk?”

I’ve been through times when it’s been very hard to see Him at work in the details of my life. In fact, there have been times when I was sure He was totally absent. I felt as though He put me up on a shelf and turned around and walked away. But then, out of the blue, He shows up. Something wonderful unexpectedly happens, and I realize His unseen hand has been working out the details all along. My faith is bolstered and my hope is renewed. He really does know the details of my life and to Him, they matter.

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