The Bible from 30,000 Ft.


Tim is teaching our adult Sunday School class at church and is doing a fabulous job giving us a 30,000 ft. view of Scripture. We’re not studying doctrine or looking into specific Scripture. We’re not even paying too much attention to what God said. We’re looking primarily at what God DID and tracing his activity throughout history. This approach has given us a fresh, new perspective of how God’s plan for redemption progressively unfolds throughout time.

We’ve traced how God worked through the nation of Israel to make His presence known to all. Starting with a small seed of one person, God basically grew this seed to become a nation with a leader, laws, and a culture. The coming of Jesus as portrayed in the New Testament is NOT plan B, but rather, the progressive unfolding of his plan from the very beginning.

Yet, as we look down from 30,000 feet, we see that God is just as intricately involved in the lives of individuals as He is in the nation of Israel. Its individual people who, knowingly or not, carry out His plans for the nations. God repeatedly says, “I will do the work”, but it will be through my people. His plan to fill the earth with His love is accomplished by those whose hearts are open and tender towards Him.

I am utterly amazed that a God who raises up kingdoms and nations and rules over them is also interested in the details of our lives. Can it really be that He sees us, knows us intimately, and really cares about us? Does He really know when we sit down or rise up? Can it really be that He cares about our families, our health, our work and our relationships with fellow humans?  Such knowledge is too overwhelming for me to wrap my mind around.

Some would argue that He is not interested and does not care. Some would say that if He were really a God who cared about individuals, bad things would never happen to us. Some would say that they feel His absence more than they feel His presence. I cannot even pretend to have an answer to this, but as I look back at how God worked in the past, He required more faith and trust as His people matured in their faith. For believers whose lives are filled with trauma, grief, discouragement, and despair, they are given the ultimate opportunity to trust God, no matter what. I know from personal experience how difficult this is, but we are not left hopeless. God’s plan is always unfolding.

It truly is a mystery. In Tim’s class, we’re encouraged to refrain from asking WHY God did something. None of us will ever know the mind of God. However, as we trace WHAT God did, we cannot deny that He exists and is involved in our everyday lives. Amazing!

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