My Heart Sings Worthy

WOW!!  My newest read is In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day, by Mark Batterson.  This one is a must read, ya’ll.  It’s all about facing our fears and challenges head on and by doing that, we’re able to get to where God wants us to be  and fully become the unique person He created.

Mark talks about the importance of reframing our problems by zooming out in order to get a broader perspective on them.  We stop focusing on what is wrong with our circumstances and start focusing on what is right with God. How do we zoom out?  By worship.

Please join me this morning in worship.  I’ve selected this song, My Heart Sings Worthy, because He alone is worthy.  And as you focus more on what is right with God, you’ll begin to focus less on what is wrong with your circumstances.


My Heart Sings Worthy

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