Found In You

How I love to hear music that leads us into the presence of God!!!

As I listened to this worship song, Found In You, I began to think about a few of the people who were in the church service when I spoke at Fellowship Community Church a few weeks ago.  My friend, Pam, works with at risk populations and invited them to come to the service.  My heart is so tender towards these people.  They have such difficulties and challenges to overcome. We tend to write them off, as if they are not worthy of God’s blessings, or ours.  They are drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes.  But to know these people makes you realize that if you had been born into the same set of circumstances, would you be any different?  There, but for the grace of God, go I.

God is their God too. And I believe He is especially close to those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and prostitution, yet desire so much to change their lives.  Our enemy has used these things to hold them captive in a very dark place.  But in Christ, they have true freedom.  In His presence they can escape the ugliness of their daily lives.  I thought of them as I listened to this song.

Come, let’s worship!

Found In You

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