Christmas Day

dsc_02891Let not the needy be forgotten; nor the hope of the poor be taken away.

Christmas day found us gathered in front of a shelter in Dover, DE handing out hot chocolate, donuts and treats, along with blankets, hats and scarves.  It was a very cold day but at least the wind was not blowing.  I was so glad we were there to hand out hope to those who probably don’t have much. Most of the people who are in this particular shelter are riddled with addictions and desperately trying to rid themselves of them.

We didn’t serve as many people as we had hoped on such a cold, damp day.   It was a very quiet day downtown Dover, with not many people out and about.  But for those whom we did serve, it was truly a blessing.

Before we set up our station in front of the shelter, we drove through a local park where many homeless people stay the night.  We got there just in time to catch one man before he left for the day.  Heartbreaking at best, we offered him something hot to drink and a few other items we felt he could use.

As with most first time experiences, there were definitely some lessons learned.  Please take note of these if any of you feel called to so something similar in the future.

1.  We brought two 5 gallon containers of hot choc.  Many of the people asked for coffee.  Note:  Bring coffee next time.

2.  Many people who are poor and homeless have dental issues.  As a result, many of them cannot tolerate sweets.  Remember how something sweet feels when you have a cavity?  Note:  Next time bring bananas – soft and healthy.

3. To really reach those who are homeless, you need to drive around and look for them.   Note:  Drive around instead of setting up a station.

4.  We had lots of leftover scarves and hats.  Note:  Always carry around extra hats and scarves in your car in the winter.  When you see someone who needs one, do a random act of kindness and give them one.

Here are the pics from Christmas day.  Enjoy.  Photos taken by Toby Sturgill



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