Boots: The Rest of the Story

homelessOh my friends, how God worked in an incredible way.  I cannot wait to share this story with you.  If you did not read my post titled, Boots, please read it.  You’ll know more about what I’m talking about in this post.

In the study of the book, Crazy Love, my Bible study class is being prompted by God to become His hands and feet to a broken and hurting world.  We especially have a tender heart toward those who are poor, homeless, down and out, shivering and ill-clad.  For years, Stacy, one of our classmates, has handed out knapsacks stuffed with blankets to those who are left out on the streets at night. The joy she’s received from doing this has been contagious.  We decided as a group to so the same thing.  In less than a week, we had 20 bags filled with blankets, toiletries and snacks. And I had my boots that God had impressed upon my heart to give away.

One day last week I received a phone call from Stacy. “Ronda, tonight is the night I’m being led to go out and pass out our bags. There are several of us going. Do you want to come along? We’re leaving around 7:00pm.”  “Of course, was my reply.”  We arranged for everyone to meet at a local coffee shop and decided I would drive since I have a van that I can easily get into and there was enough space for all the bags.  But we just weren’t sure where to go to find those who were homeless. After a time of prayer, in which I specifically mentioned my boots and asked God to make that person known to me who was a size 8, we decided to go to a park first.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, it hit me.  I had to use the restroom.  Maybe it was because of the excitement.  All I know was that I needed to go before we went to a park in the dark.  So I pulled back into the parking lot of the coffee shop and ran up to the door.  It was locked.  I could see the workers inside, but the door was locked.  “We’re closed,” was their response.  Since I’m a regular customer of theirs, I was rather surprised they would not open the door and let me in, but they did not.   So I got back into the car.

We noticed the Goodwill store located across the street from the coffee shop. “Try that,” my friends said.  So I pulled into the Goodwill parking lot and parked my car.  ‘At least it’s open,’ was my initial thought as I dashed into the store to find their restroom. On my way back out to the car, I looked up and there was Stacy, talking to two men and a woman who were obviously very poor.   She was talking to them as if she’d known them her entire life.  As I got closer and could hear the conversation, I could tell they were telling her where we should go to give out our bags, but very strongly recommended NOT going there at night. “Come back during the day to hand out the bags”, they said.  “It will be much safer for you.”

Stacy introduced me to them and I entered into the conversation, but was not thinking anything about the boots.  Until I began to get back into the van.  I felt God saying to me, “The Boots. This is who I want you to give the boots to.”   I immediately looked at her feet and noticed she had on a pair of very well worn sneakers. Her feet looked average in size.  Could they be a size 8, I wondered?   I signaled to one of the girls I was with that I think this is the person who God wants me to give my boots to.  She went up to her and asked her what size she she wore.  “Size 8,” was her reply.  On my.  My heart started beating faster.  “Do you have any other shoes?,” I asked.  She answered, “I only have one other pair of black shoes like these that I wear to work.  I work at McDonalds, but I’m looking for a pair of boots.  It’s getting colder and I need something to keep my feet warm.”  At this, I wanted to fall out of my wheelchair.  I gabbed the box of boots and opened it up.  ” Here. Try these on. See how these fit,” as my friends handed her the boot.  Her foot slipped in nicely.  She looked up at us with the biggest smile  on her face.  “This fits perfectly.”  We gave her the other  boot to put on.  Again, her foot slipped in nicely.  “These are very comfortable,” she said as she began to walk around in them.   “Well,” I said, “I think God wants you to have these.”She hardly knew what to say.  And neither did we.

And off she went, her shoes in hand and having been touched by God.  May she know how much God loves her and that He desires to be with her.

And thank you, God, for opening my heart, eyes and ears, that I would hear your sweet, gentle voice and that I would follow you into this life changing event for all of us who where there.  What crazy love you have for us.  May ours be just as crazy for You.

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  1. I just finished reading Crazy Love as well. It definitely makes you think! (And do!) Thank you for sharing your story – it’s such an encouragement to hear about people who are allowing themselves to be used by God however He wishes.

  2. Stacey Arnold says:

    This is one of the reasons He is SO amazing. If we listen with our hearts and souls, He leads. This night, and so may before and since, have changed lives…Jesus loves ALL His children equally. He gives to those who will give to others in His name.
    God Himself blessed Kathy, Stan and Kevin on this night by using them in only a way He could. Through His grace He used these three to help us in our journey to fulfill what we KNOW is His calling for us. The Bible tells us He uses us and this was an extraordinary experience for Stan, a preacher’s son who is an alcoholic and has been most of his adult life. The Lord moved through Kathy and Kevin as well with the boots and just hope and hugs. GOD USED the alcoholic…because His soul was STILL receptive to the Lord. He used four women who were led to be together in the Lord and be His hands and feet. I remember the three wanderers eyes as if light shone through them when it was repeated many times that God Himself had used Them!!! Though each in their own time throughout the evening, they got it….God used them because THEY are His Children. Stan said he was never more sure of anything as at that moment that “God actually used me, I AM still love by Him!!”
    May God let your light shine….even when holding a whiskey bottle, God loves ALL His Children!!
    Thank you, Ronda, for telling this story so beautifully. May God continue to lead and we to follow!


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