The Best Things in Life ARE Free!

longwood-gardens-21Enjoyed a beautiful yesterday in Washington, DC.  The weather was perfect for strolling around this amazing city full of ethnic diversity, art, gardens, great museums, history galore and great food!  (And LOTS of Starbucks stores!)

We rode the Metro into Eastern Market where we met our son.  Then strolled up the street to Eastern Market where there was an outdoor market.  Lots of vendors selling everything from fruit and veggies to art, clothing and jewelry.  Couldn’t resist getting a bite to eat at an Italian Restaurant at their outside dining area.

Next we walked to Capitol Hill, where so much history is being made on a daily basis.   I imagined what it’s like working in one of the federal buildings directly across from the Capital building as we strolled by the buildings that house Congress and their staffs.

Once into the Conservatory, I was utterly amazed at their collection of plants and gardens. Beautiful.  And FREE.  How wonderful that something like this exists and that it’s available for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.  We live in a great nation!

Then onto the sculpture gardens.  Another amazing  FREEBY!!  Loved the giant spider and the house that seemed to move, depending upon which direction you were looking at it.

Then topped it all off with a quick trip through the National Museum of Art.  We only had time for a small part of the Charles Dale art collection.  WOW!  We saw original works by Picasso, Renoir, Van Gough, Monet…unbelievable.    And FREE!!

Yes, my friends.  We live in a great nation that gives us all equal opportunity to appreciate and enjoy art and culture.  Praise God for His blessings upon this country and I pray He continues to do so.

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