A City on our Knees


My heart is so heavy for one of our most loved Dover AFB families.  They have been through such a difficult time and are at a point where they are being held up only by the prayers of others.

I’m reminded of the story in Mark 2 where the four men carried the paralytic to Jesus.  These four men went to a great deal of trouble to carry their friend to the One who they knew could heal him.  As Jesus was preaching the Word, many people had gathered to hear Him.  So many, that the fours men who were carrying their friend could not make it through the crowd.  Not to be discouraged, they climbed up to the roof, cut a hole in it directly above where Jesus was speaking and lowered their friend down into the room, right in front of Him.  When Jesus saw their faith, He was moved.  After telling the man his sins have been forgiven, Jesus tells him to get up, take your  mat and go home.  The man walked out in full view of everyone.

This never would have happened if the four men had not carried their friend to Jesus.  This man was unable to come own his own.  He could not stand up and walk.  Someone had to bring him.

On Friday, Dover AFB was a city on our knees, carrying our beloved family to Jesus.  As the prayers went up, blessings of hope and encouragement came down.  We know God is a God who hears our prayers.  Isaiah tells us that “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

And so now we wait as we continue to pray.  We wait for Him, trusting Him to meet all the needs of this special family. Will you please join us in prayer?

Thank you.

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